CLASSY SHADE, the new decorative plant umbrella is a welcome ornamental addition to any garden. CLASSY SHADE provides a design element that complements your garden by adding style, elegance and finesse to the garden’s design.

The key to a stunning garden Is mixing plants and flowers and man-made structures to achieve the right balance of color, form, pattern and texture. Properly arranged your various garden components create an overall picture that has a vitality of its own.

Bold textures in a garden convey a sense of drama and excitement. The different shapes and sizes of the CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella bring new and exciting interest to your garden. The CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrellas, used alone or in clusters, brings a new dimension to your garden or patio.

If your garden is tired, is looking blah or is just plain boring, the CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella can make your outdoor space a fashion statement. Unleash the power of your plants to transform your outdoor space into a wonderland of beauty.

By creating a partial shade environment, the CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella also allows the avid gardener to increase the number and variety of healthy plants that can thrive in your garden. An extended palette of plants, forms and colors further enriches the garden splendor.

The CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella can also enhances your garden at night. After dark, small lights mounted under the canopy focuses your guest’s attention on your plants and will light your garden walkways.

The CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella is the easiest way to enhance your garden.