Shade: Umbrella & Extension

It is basic science that plants need sunshine to thrive, but too much sun can damage a healthy, beautiful garden. Plants like people who spend too much time in the sun get sun burned. Simply put plants suffer sun damage and , when that happens, your once gorgeous greenery can be damaged beyond cure.

The solution is the CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella, the new decorative umbrella that is specifically designed for plants. The CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella helps protect your plants from the damaging effects of the sun while allowing enough sunlight to promote new growth.

Excessive sun exposure can seriously injure a plant and impedes its growth. On hot summer days, the sun drys leaves of even sun-friendly plants. New and young plants are the most vulnerable to sun damage. The sun quickly deprives the young plants of stored water, scorching their delicate leaves which interrupts growth.

Excessive sunlight triggers the release of unsuitable and reactive compounds that break down the plant cells. The leaves then absorb light energy much faster than they can process and ultimately bleaches the plant’s leaves. The color of the leaf is muted to a grayish tone. This phenomenon is most obvious in leaves at the top of the plant, which are exposed to more direct sunlight. The burnt, off color leaves remain on the plant and often turn to a transparent hue.

Unlike people, plants are defenseless and cannot move away from the sun.

To help protect your plants from the sun’s harsh radiation use the CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella to reduce discoloration and wilting of your favorite plants.

The CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella also shades the soil around the plant from overheating and damaging the plant’s roots. The CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella can also reduces the amount of rain water around the plant to help prevent the plant from drowning. Further the CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella can keep snow form accumulating around your plants and freezing their roots.

The CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella is your plant’s best protections against environmental injury.

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