Our home entrance with its large hard surface faces south and is exposed to serious summer heat. To soften the entrance we have a number of planters packed with flowering plants.

During the summer these flowering plants are subject to sun burn and sun damage. Replacing our sun damaged plants became normal and expensive. My wife asked for something to protect the plants.

In response I built a small fixed 2’ by 2’ umbrella out of plant stakes and glue. These small umbrellas looked great and worked well. The umbrellas worked so well I was asked to make a number for friends and family.

Empowered, I designed a plant umbrella which would be small, attractive, collapsable, would enhance the garden and patio, and would protect our young and sun sensitive plants.

After some false starts and a number of design modifications the CLASSY SHADE Ornamental Plant Umbrella was born.

The CLASSY SHADE Plant Umbrella is now available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Across Plant Area