Care of Your Classy Shade Products

Classy Shade frame products are made from quality steel or stainless steel. These components have a 2 layer power coat to help protect them from environmental damage. Proper care of your Classy Shade products will substantially extend the life of your products. When your products get dusty or dirty:

  • Brush the powder coated components or fabric components weekly with a firm brush.
  • If necessary use a damp cloth to remove dirt from powder coated surfaces.
  • If necessary remove the canopy from the frame and spot clean with a small amount of water using a light mild soap for the dirty spots.
  • Replace the canopy on to the frame.
  • You may wash the canopy in a light load, cold water, mild or no detergent and sun dry.
  • If the canopy is badly deteriorated you may need a replacement. Contact Classy Shade for the proper size and color.

Storage of Your Classy Shade Products

The Classy Shade products will provide long service if properly taken care of. In certain times of the year and certain locations it may be desirable to store your Classy Shade products. In those cases:

  • Insure your Classy Shade products are clean.
  • Insure your Classy Shade products are dry to avoid or reduce mildew.
  • Close and secure the Classy Shade Plant Umbrella.
  • Place the Classy Shade product back into it’s original shipping bag and container.
  • Store the shipping container in a clean and dry location.
  • Moisture reducing agents within the container will help prevent mildew and possible rust accumulation.