The following is the J 9, LLC PRIVACY POLICY for the Calssy Shade web site;, effective June 1, 2019.  This policy applies to unless otherwise stated.  Our policy does not apply to any other site you may visit from our site.  You should know when you are accessing another site, you should review their privacy policy as it relates to your personal information.  Products means any and all produces sold on or through the Classy Shade web site.

We may collect; the name of the domain name you used to access our site, the IP address you used, the operating system and browser you use, the time you accessed our site, the pages you visited on our site, and/or the online address of the site you used to arrive at our site.  We retain cookies, text files that track information regarding your visit to our site.  These files monitor the preferences you entered when you visit our site which may prevent you form having to re-enter the same information when you re-visit our site.  We retain this information to provide you better service.

We protect your personal information and other information you provide including name, contact information, credit data, credit card information, signature information, personal access information using appropriate means for data protection.  In protecting your information we run background checks on all employees, we have all employees sign confidential information agreements, we store information on secure servers maintained and managed by WebSiteServices4All and others.

Your information may be made available to our customer service staff, technical staff, and judicial requests.  We also disclose information if we suspect illegal activity and if you violate our Agreement, and to buyers and potential buyers of the Classy Shade business.

You are able to remove any and all personal information, except the information we are authorized to retain by California Law.  You can op-out from being included in our data base.  We retain opt-out requests to comply with California law.  In addition you can disable cookie options on your computer and you can delete your name and e-mail address from our e-mail distribution list.

If you  submit a statement and/or image regarding your use of our products we may use such in accordance with the Classy Shade Terms and Conditions.

We may make changes to this policy at any time at our complete discretion.