These instructions relate to opening your Classy Shade Shipping Containers and applies to all Classy Shade devices including:

  • Umbrella Frame
  • Umbrella Canopy
  • Umbrella Extension
  • Umbrella Base
  • Lamp & Cage
  • Securing Ties

Open the shipping container

  • Verify all components identified in the Packing Slip are included in the container
  • Verify all components include all elements of the respective device
  • Verify all components identified in the Order Confirmation are identified in the Packing Slip
  • Verify all components included in the container are the proper size, shape and color
  • Verify there are no defects in any of respective devices

If the component has any moving parts verify all parts move freely.

  • Please note that the lift ring of the umbrella frame is designed to stay closed unless all arms have been manually spread slightly which spreading allows the lift ring to raise and open the umbrella arms

If one device is designed to fit with another Classy Shade device verify that such mating components fit properly.

  • The blade of the umbrella frame must fit within the receiving pocket of the mating base or extension.
  • The lift ring must slide up and down the frame post.
  • The base upright must screw into the base platform.

The locking pin of the umbrella frame must fit under the lower rings of lift ring and above one of the spacers of the frame post.

  • The upright of the base must be screwed securely into the nut of the base platform.
  • The flash light must be turned on and off (verify the paper insulation between the battery case and the lamp has been removed).
  • The flash light must fit into the flash light holder.
  • The flash light holder must hang from one of the spacer on the frame post.
  • The flash light batteries have a limited life, turn the flash light off as soon as appropriate to prolong the batteries useful life.