Our Classy Shade Plant Umbrella offer a wide variety of enhanced umbrella designs to give your garden, patio or indoor plants the attention and focus that they deserve. To further expand on these objectives Classy Shade offers a commissioned design option. Working with our Classy Shade team, we can fabricate the specific structure and canopy that meets your most extreme garden design.

Commissioned Commissioned Variations can only be ordered by a call to Classy Shade at 858 230 7755


The Classy Shade Commissioned Variations is a collaboration between you and Classy Shade to create a highly personalized garden experience. Classy Shade works with you to create the Classy Shade products that best suites you wishes.

If you have a personal fabric you would like fashioned for your umbrellas send us your fabric or ask us to locate a fabric that best fits your needs. From time to time Classy Shade will offer special quality fabrics that you may find interesting.

As seen in the product images it is possible to have your canopy hand painted with an image uniquely suited to your garden or interest.

In addition the Classy Shade Tree Ornament includes 4 mirrored panels. These panels can be substituted with any ornamental glass of your choosing. As shown in the product images an example of such commissioned ornamentation is an translucent glass panel. These panels can be of clear, opaque, translucent, colored, or multi-colored glass to best fit your garden fashion.

Commissioned Variations will require design and fabrication time and minimum order will be required.


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