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The Classy Shade Umbrella Bases are available for use with the Classy Shade Plant Umbrella so the umbrella can be placed on a flat surface adjacent the plant. The base is also useful for placing on a table with an under canopy Classy Shade Lamp & Holder to illuminate the table.

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9"Beryl 9"Beryl 9"12"Sapphire 12"Sapphire 12"18"Amethyst 18"Amethyst 18"
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The Classy Shade Umbrella Base provides a mounting platform for the Classy Shade Plant Umbrella on a flat surface rather than embedding the umbrella into the dirt.  The Bases come in two colors; white and black to match the umbrella frame,  The base will work in conjunction with the extension and the umbrella.

Combining your Classy Shade Umbrella Base with our Classy Shade Plant Umbrella, Classy Shade Umbrella Extension, Classy Shade Planter Sculptures, and Classy Shade Tree Ornament will complete your new garden or patio fashion statement.

Bases are powder coated in white or black and in three diameter:

  • Beryl – 9″
  • Sapphire – 12″
  • Amethyst – 18″

To discourage the umbrella from flying off on a windy day, we recommend that the umbrella be attached to a base and/or extension with a safety tie. We also recommend using the Amethyst Base if you use an extension on your Sapphire umbrella to reduce the possibility of the umbrella falling over.

Special Order Bases can be ordered if you want alternative base colors, alternative ornamentation, or half bases.


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