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The Classy Shade Umbrella Extensions are available for use with the Classy Shade Plant Umbrella to raise the umbrella canopy for taller plants. These extensions enable the umbrella to cover plants that require more height than permitted the standard umbrella.

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15"Beryl 15"Beryl 15"26"Garnet 26"Garnet 26"31"Sapphire 31"Sapphire 31"
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The Classy Shade Umbrella Extension lifts the Classy Shade Plant Umbrella canopy to enable the umbrella to cover plants that are taller than the standard umbrella.  The extension comes in two colors; white and black to match the umbrella frame. The extension works in conjunction with the base and the umbrella.

Combining your Classy Shade Umbrella Extension with our Classy Shade Plant Umbrella, Classy Shade Umbrella Base, Classy Shade Planter Sculptures, and Classy Shade Tree Ornament will complete your new garden or patio fashion statement.

Extensions are powder coated in white or black and in 3 sizes:
The length options are:

  • Beryl – 15″
  • Garnet – 26″
  • Sapphire – 31″

To discourage the extension from flying off on windy day, we recommend that the extension be attached to the base and/or umbrella and even to the plant with a safety tie. We also recommend using the Amethyst Base if you use an extension on your Sapphire umbrella to reduce the possibility of the umbrella tipping over.


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