The Classy Shade Lamps & Holders bring an exciting new dimension to your plant umbrellas and tree ornaments that enhances and brightens up the overall evening ambiance and appeal of your garden or patio.

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The Classy Shade Lamps and Holders enhances the ambiance and style of your evening garden experience. The holder of the umbrella lamp are hung under the umbrella canopy and can be directed up to illuminate the canopy or down to illuminate the plant. In addition the umbrella lamp can provides illumination for and evening picnic table or as a votive to illuminate a walkway. The lamp for the umbrellas has 9 leds and 3 AAA batteries. The lamp lasts approximately 8 hours when the batteries will have to be replaced.

The holder of the ornament lamp is mounted inside the ornament. The ornament lamp is solar powered; charging during the day and automatically illuminating for 4 to 6 hours in the evening. The illumination ascetically focuses attention on your trees of large plants.

Combining the Classy Shade Lamps and Holders with the Classy Shade Plant Umbrella or the Classy Shade Tree Ornament will complete your new garden or patio fashion statement.


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