The Classy Shade Design Variations offer our customers umbrella related components that augment to our standard offerings. Currently these offerings relate to variations of the Classy Shade Umbrella Base. Our bases can be adapted to a wide variety of ornamentations.

Design Variations can only be ordered by a personal call to Classy Shade at 858 2320 7755.


The Classy Shade Plant Umbrella offerings include a variety of Umbrella Bases which permits the umbrella to be set up on a flat surface. These base include various ornamentation, sizes, weights, and styles which permits base selection that best suits your needs. As can be seen in the thumbnail images the basic swirl base is available in a light weight form where bulk is not necessary. The base is available in a half shape permitting the umbrella to be set on the surface immediately adjacent to the potted plant (safety tie between the plant and umbrella is required). Interesting the base can be fabricated with alternative ornamentations such at the crossed double wires shown in the images. These alternative base ornamentations can be fabricated in strict accordance with your ornamental desires.

Special order bases will require more design and fabrication time. A minimum order of 5 units is required.


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