La Jolla Sapphire Plant Umbrella with Base

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The Classy Shade Plant Umbrella adds beauty and charm to your garden and potted plants while helping to protect your plants from weather damage.

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The La Jolla Sapphire Plant Umbrella with Base is a 26” square 31”tall plant umbrella with a 12” circular swirl base and a 7” upright.

Additional Information:

Our new plant umbrellas is an open multi-wire powder coated frame structure which is attractive and adds strength and durability. The Base frame is powder coated. The Classy Shade Plant Umbrella uses the best materials and manufacturing techniques and our canopies are made of SunbrellaTM fabrics.

This package offering is directed to a 4 arm square umbrella frame that is approximately 31 inches tall with a 7 inch blade in White or Black and a 26 inch square SunbrellaTM fabric canopy in White, Black, Green or Light Blue. In addition, this packages includes a 12” diameter Sapphire Base with a 7 inch upright in White or Black.

The La Jolla Sapphire Classy Shade Plant Umbrella is easy and intuitive to assemble and to install.

Classy Shade also offers an Extension (see other introductory offering or Separate Product Offering).

Classy Shade also offers a Lamp and Holder (see Separate Product Offerings).

Classy Shade also offers Safety/Security Ties (see Separate Product Offerings).

Product Specifications

Umbrella Frame: four (4) arm
Umbrella Shape: Square
Umbrella Canopy: Sumbrella™
Umbrella Height: 31 inches including a 7 inch blade
Umbrella Arm: 18 inch length
Canopy Width: 26 inches square
Base: 12 inch diameter, 7 inch upright
Frame and Canopy Weight: 3 lbs. 16 oz.
Packaged Frame and Canopy Weight: 4 lbs. 9 oz.

Frame Color



White: /W

Black: /B

Canopy Color


Classic Colors:

White: -W

Black: -B

Green: -G

Light Blue: -L

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