The Classy Shade Size Variations are directed to the customer who has a need for a Plant Umbrella that is smaller than the standard size umbrellas.  Specifically these smaller umbrellas are suited for indoor standard size plants that are exposed to direct sunlight. These smaller umbrellas are available in two styles, two sizes, two frame colors and four canopy colors.

Optional umbrella sizes and styles can only be ordered by a personal call to Classy Shade at 858 230 7755.


The Classy Shade Plant Umbrella includes four umbrella styles (triangle, square, rectangle and pentagon). There are occasions where a smaller umbrella may better meet your needs. Classy Shade offers two styles of a 4 arm square and a 5 arm pentagonal in 2 sizes of, umbrellas in 2 frame colors (white and black) and in 4 canopy colors (white, black, blue and green).

These sizes are perfectly suited for indoor plants or bouquets that are exposed to harsh sunlight. These smaller umbrellas add charm to your home while extending the life of your plants.

The sizes of the various umbrella are:

Style Umb Height* Arm Length Edges Length
La Jolla (square)
Garnet 26”/19″ 15.0″ 21.0″
Beryl 16”/11″ 10.5″ 14.4″
San Antonio(pentagonal)
Garnet 26”/19″ 15.0″ 17.5″
Beryl 16”/11″ 10.5″ 12.5″

* Overall & Installed Height
** See Store, Plant Umbrella

In addition these smaller umbrellas can be used with the umbrella Lamp & Holder to illuminate evening pathways. These umbrella with the Lamp & Holder can be used to provide light for the evening dinner tables or serving tables.

These plants umbrellas can run from $77.98 to $97.98 depending on the style and size of the umbrella. A minimum order of 5 units is required.


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